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Extremely durable and UV resistant
personalized HPL panels

Personalized hpl panels

Personalized hpl panels

Imapres is one of the pioneers in the field of custom high pressure laminate in Europe.
Our unique production process delivers a extremely durable quality. Under extreme pressure and heat, the image is pressurized during the production of the solid core, resulting in a permanent fusion of melamine, image and core layers that can never delaminate, separate or crack.

The result?

Imapres panels with extreme durability for indoor and outdoor applications.

3 X quality | The best of its kind
Strong and wear resistant

Our personalized HLP panels retain their qualities for years under extreme weather conditions.

UV resistant

Imapres panels are resistant to exposure to direct sunlight.
That is why we offer a 10-year warranty.


Imapres combines the most advanced graphics imaging with the proven durability of high pressure laminate. We process your visual into a perfect end result and deliver custom work down to the smallest detail. From design to finish.


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Extremely durable

The best solution for
sustainable signage.

Extremely strong
Extremely strong

Imapres panels can
take a beating.


Effortlessly remove

Fire resistant
Fire resistant

Heat resistant
& fireproof.

Waarom kiezen voor Imapres?

Why choose Imapres panels?

The unique features open up innovative possibilities and offer countless applications in a range sectors. Imapres panels distinguish themselves in the market of personalized plates as a product that can be exploited in any climate and under extreme weather conditions. Exposure to abundant sunlight, a humid environment, maritime climate (wind, sand, salt), extreme heat or cold have virtually no influence on the custom HPL panels.

Our production is located centrally in Europe, where ecology and transport costs play an important factor.

Flexibility and service are very important to us. That is why with our price calculator you will have a quotation in your mailbox in no time.

Kwaliteiten van Imapres panelen


  • UV resistant (10 year warranty)
  • Water resistant
  • Extremely rigid
  • Fire resistant
  • Vandalism resistant
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Sand, salt and acid resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Resistant to solvents
  • Ecologically responsible:
    constructed from fsc recycled paper

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